Kidswaste & Manila Killa’s “Tonight” Is All You Need To Relax On A Fall Evening

On November 7, 2017, France-based producer Kidwaste and Hotel Garuda’s Manila Killa dropped “Tonight”. This melodic, alluring, yet lyrically rebellious track is perfect for anyone seeking comfort on a fall evening.

Kidswaste and Manila Killa just released “Tonight”. This track is all you need to get you through the night.

Put “Tonight” on repeat as you cook dinner and the sun goes down.

The cover artwork symbolizes the gentle, soothing flow the track provides. Fall is always a hard time as the sun goes down earlier, and we all try to cope with the chaotic changes fluctuating around us. This song is everything you need to relax.

Press play and put your mind to ease:

What if we break the rules,
tell me that you want me too?

When the sky sees the light,
all I see are your eyes…

So what if we just say,
We’re gonna run away…
It’ll be all right

You could make me forget
All the walls around my head…
All I know is I want more
What are you waiting for?

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