Jim Morrison Predicted the Future of Music in 1969

jim morrison predicts the future of music
Jim Morrison – 1969

Doors front man and legendary musician Jim Morrison may have known a thing or two about the future of music.

Wise beyond his years, Morrison often quoted the works of Friedrich Nietzsche and Jack Kerouac, implementing their wisdom in to his lyrics. His personality, songwriting ability, and voice led to him being regarded as one of the most iconic front men in the history of music, despite his early death at the age of 27.

In this 1969 interview he pretty much nails his prediction of the next generation’s music.

The new generation’s music … it will have a synthesis of those two elements [Country and Rock n’ Roll] and some third thing. It might rely heavily on electronics, tapes. I can kind of envision maybe one person with a lot of machines, tapes, and electronic setups.

Pretty cool insight from one of the greatest musicians of our time. Despite his spot on prediction, even Morrison could not have imagined how large electronic dance music would eventually become.

Check out the full prediction of the future of music by Jim Morrison below.