Jengi Beats “Without You” Featuring Sacha Vee Is the Perfect House Track

Akin to his fellow contemporaries like Disclosure, Hayden James, Jessie Andrews, etc., Jengi Beats has a strong sense of how to get the body moving on the floor. He creates songs that are full, wide, textured, but addictive.

Jengi Beats Without You featuring Sacha Vee is the perfect example of how amazing House music is.

Jengi Beats Without You ft. Sacha Vee
Jengi Beats Without You ft. Sacha Vee

Right out the gate, Jengi Beats creates the perfect “House sound” without any build-ups or easing into the groove.

A slinking, elastic bass line, is punctuated by a four-to-the-floor drum kit. With the vibe immediately set, Sacha Vee‘s voice weaves perfectly into the mix in the first 15 seconds. As the verse progresses, Jengi Beats capitalizes on the vocal gymnastics of Sacha Vee and plays off her rhythmic delivery.

In between each word pause, Jengi Beats highlights these moments with percussive synth lines. The song doesn’t need a build up because he knows the groove is the heart of this track.

Jengi Beats via Facebook
Jengi Beats via Facebook

The chorus bounces and shimmers brightly with synth stabs and claps while Sacha Vee coos gently over the sound to allow Jengi Beats to flex his production skills. As it rolls into the next verse, Jengi Beats keeps the layered sound going until Sacha Vee‘s vocals are harmonized.

He pulls back immediately; it is time for Sacha Vee‘s smooth vocals to take over. Even when the next chorus comes back, Sacha Vee gets to ad lib vocally more, and provide a subtle contrast to everything prior.

When it finishes, it makes you want to listen to more perfect four to the floor house music. Jengi Beats has mastered this style, and matches perfectly his production skills with the amazing vocals of Sacha Vee.

Make sure you listen to “Without You” below:

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