No matter how many times you look over the lineup and plan out for day, you will always look at it one more time. While you spend the day shooting the breeze with your friends reviewing this year’s Sonic Bloom schedule, here are some helpful insights Jamie Janover mentioned in our exclusive interview.

First, we asked Jamie, how would you describe the vibes for this year’s Sonic Bloom? He said, “pan-electronica, bass, glitch-hop, psy-trance, house, tech house, everything, a west coast bass music festival.” The over-compassing similarities among the artists he pulled in is that a bunch tie acoustic instruments to electronic music. A couple unique additions to look out for will be Yaima and Xerephine, because they will be incorporating a harp into their set. “Not normal EDM“, as Jamie puts it.

When we asked about trap music he mentioned, Knowa Lusion, Jantsen and Project Aspect. Jamie says, “I caught Knowa Lusion at Burning Man and that guy really knows how to DJ, he knows how to read the crowd.” Then he assured us that a lot of DJs have trap in their repertoire.

When you are looking for some dubstep in your life, Jamie points out TRUTH and The Widdler. Of course the tech-house and techno artists to enjoy will be the likes of Golf Clap, J. Phlip and Christian Martin. Also, he mentioned how Porangui is something different people will like for his Brazilian ancestry, with tribal vibes.

Finally, we had to ask, “who will be the special guest sunrise set on Saturday morning?”

“It will be someone people really like and will be excited about,” Jamie insures. He also points out that the sun is rising around 4, so it looks like we will have a Thriftworks sunrise set… The list goes on for the artist you should catch. Templo, Evanoff, Maddy O’Neal and Kll Smth have been on fire lately and be ready for the Shpongle parrrrty. Then don’t miss Jamie throwing down for a legendary Zilla set.

Jamie Janover Sonic Bloom 2016 photo credit Alina Hokanson

Take a peek at the full Sonic Bloom schedule to get psyched.

Sonic Bloom Lineup

To help you sort through some of the various workshops, take a tour through a select bunch.

Gravity Glue: Zeropoint Yoga (Stone Balancing)

Gravity Glue photo credit Sonic Bloom

Warriors of Peace: Bringing Fourth the Revolution

Sedona Lynn

This workshop will take us into the depths of social movements and activate the audience to create tidal waves of positive change. -Sedona Lynn

Opening Ceremony: AZTLAN



Sky Bliss: Inspired Action: Balancing the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine

Sky Bliss

Jamie Janover: The Unified Field of the Universe

Jamie Janover

Jamie Janover will take you on a journey through humanity’s evolution, exposing the changes necessary to produce a Unified Physics.

Kimberly Dill: Healing the Earth, Healing Ourselves

Kimberly Dill

In this workshop, I will pair theoretical and practical strategies to equip participants (i) to understand (philosophically, psychologically, and biologically) how individual health is connected to the health of our larger biosphere (ii) to engage in mindful, nature-based meditation techniques (including active listening to the non-human world), and (iii) to identify commonsense ways in which they can engage in environmental activism on a day-by-day basis. -Kimberly Dill

Amanda Vollrath: “The Hype Goddess”

Amanda Vollrath

Mission Driven: Raising the Funds for Your Nonprofit

Take a peek at the rest of the transformational workshops at Sonic Bloom. Make sure to catch at least one, you will leave feeling better off. Also, having fresh ideas and concepts bouncing around your head while listening to psychedelic music is magical, this is where transformation occurs… Plus, it will be wise to take the day to enjoy these workshops and yoga, as the lineup runs late night for 2 nights, totally worth saving your energy for. Do it all this year at Sonic Bloom.

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