Tropical house is the perfect genre for the summer. The beautiful vocals and uptempo beats will make anyone, anywhere in the world feel like they are on a beach in the Bahamas. The vibes are something different.

Here are 10 blissful tropical house songs for your summer.

1. This remix of the timeless classic “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” by the one and only Brother Iz by Thomas Jack will simply make you feel good. The original is a timeless song, but the remix will make anyone happy. The trees of green and red roses too are brought to the ears of every listener to this remix.

2. This Jake Koller remix is a beautiful mix of vocals that will change your life with EDM beats that will rock your world and jazz grooves that will change your life. Download this gem for free

3. Tropical house can make me escape my daily grind… Especially, Tropix‘s remix of Ashe’s “Used To It” makes me forget about my job and my life and just focus on how music can change a life. Pick up the free download and find more Tropix remixes with similar vibes.

4. OJLISTER‘s remix of Kygo and Miguel‘s “Remind Me To Forget” will make you forget your problems and realize that all you have is now, so remember the good times and party while you can, because those times will be gone before you know it. Grab the free download

5. The beat in The Golden Pony & Mahkenna‘s “Irreplaceable” brings me back to a simpler time in my life. They make me think of 2013 EDM… Just pure, simple beats and lyrics.

6. Y.V.E. 48‘s “Records” featuring HIER combines a futuristic melodic tone with an uptempo beat. A truly tropical classic that will make your summer day even better.

7. Sam Feldt takes on Naxxos’ mega-hit “New Orleans” with a nice tropical house twist.

8. The lyrics in Klingande & Krishane’s “Rebel Yell” propel past the standard tropical house song. This is a rebellion song for this age.

9. The beat in Loud Luxury‘s “Body” will get even the most prude of crowds dancings and this combo will be nostalgic for anyone that was conscious in the EDM scene during 2013.

10. This inspirational track ‘You Might Be Free’ remixed by Goldfish will make anyone think of the past while making them reminisce about their best times.

Enjoy all these tropical house songs in a nice playlist: 

Find more in our tropical house collection and enjoy the summer to the fullest!

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