This past weekend, CRUSH Arizona did us right. The intimate event was perfect for couples desperate for some quality bonding time. This Relentless Beats occasion was not shy of colorful personalities, love and good times.

Everyone played their part in making CRUSH an A+ rave.


photo credit Luis Colato for CRUSH Arizona

The love in the air was thick enough to physically feel. Lines were short, even with a packed house. Props to the efficient staff. Ravers were heavy on exchanging kandy, sharing multi-dimensional goggles and ensuing smiles. Although most played it safe with the super warm onesies, there were plenty of tutus bouncing around and other futuristic styles.

Crush Arizona 2019 photo credit Steven Brossart Photography

A CRUSH attendee told us,

I have never been to this before. It’s kind of crazy because they’re celebrating 10 years and I live right down the street. This festival shows a lot of improvements on Relentless Beats’ end. I like how CRUSH happened on Valentine’s Day- weekend because it was an easy gift for my girlfriend, too.

photo credit Jacob Tyler Dunn for CRUSH Arizona

Artists such as Joyryde, Slander, and Seven Lions closed the cool-crisped night, but if we’re being real Spag Heddy wins MVP. Prior to the festival I wasn’t too familiar with Spag Heddy, but by the end of the set my heart turned into noodles…

Listen to Spag Heddy below:

Listen to Seven Lions: 

photo credit Jeremy Verone for CRUSH Arizona

Saturday night consisted of Alesso, 3lau, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Anna Lunoe and more! Wild West Security had it rough while holding back the gates during BTSM, but it all paid off when the trio came down post-set to take pictures with the workers and fans. While Anna Lunoe was proving the fact that moms can be badass too, Alesso was building a crowd for himself.

Move gates with ‘NUMBERS’ below:

photo credit Jacob Tyler Dunn for CRUSH Arizona

CRUSH 2019 photo gallery:

photo credit Jacob Tyler Dunn for CRUSH Arizona

Blossom photo credit Jacob Tyler Dunn for CRUSH Arizona

Photo via Steven Brossart Photography

Photo via Steven Brossart Photography

Relentless Beats absolutely crushed it this weekend and we are happy to have been a part of the 10th Annual CRUSH Arizona. I hope to see all you loving rave babies next year.

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