BriGuel Produces a Rejuvenating New Wave of Sound

Whether you are an entrepreneur, teacher, artist, adviser, creator or whatever you do, it is important to pursue your own path. By staying authentic to your life’s purpose you set yourself free. This is a message BriGuel conveys through their latest release, ´Life Is A Lesson´

BriGuel´s ´Life Is A Lesson´ fills you with contentment for believing in yourself.

BriGuel ´Life Is A Lesson´

The music by the New York based love duo, Brianne Berkson and Miguel Gluckstern, reminds us of humanity’s most essential quests, focusing on what we share despite our unique life path. Accompanying the release is a music video that illustrates a deeper meaning of the track.

As a diverse spectrum of people are filmed during a New York minute, the video shines light on how we can coexist and live in harmony despite our vast array of differences. Enjoy the music video that was scored, filmed, produced, conceived, directed and edited by BriGuel.

The duo believes one can find a way of living that feels free and authentic, allowing them to fly through life.

photo credit BriGuel

A final take away from this single is to remember to learn from life’s adversities and triumphs. Backing the empowering and meticulously written lyrics is an infectious modern melody that can best be described as pop-hip-hop. Through all their music, Brianna and Miguel, intentions are to shed light on personal and universal struggles in order to face them, heal them and be more happy altogether.

2018 was a busy and exciting year as BriGuel launched their project.

Their debut single, ´LOVE´ featuring Kelpt, is an elegant piece filled with piano, a fun latin beat and complementing female and male vocals. Their sophomore release, ´breathe.´ is more downtempo with powerful long notes and uplifting lyrics. Then their ´Red Ropes´ brings the deep bass and drops heavy realizations through the lyrics. Start enjoying their discography now.

Keep up with the bilingual duo through their social media handles, more releases to coming soon. 

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