On The Record With The Man Behind The Mask, Alan Walker

Alan Walker took our breath away this past Tuesday in Tucson at the Rialto Theatre. With a classic opener such as ‘Alone’, it was easy to fall into the depths of a Walker state of life. Goosebumps covered our arms while micro-hairs stuck straight along our necks as he beautifully laced together his set. With a symbolic mask covering his smiles, his eyes radiated his pure elation for miles.

Prior to Alan Walker´s sold out show along his Different World Tour, we had the chance to talk with the man himself for an exclusive interview.

photo credit Alan Walker

Hey everyone, I am here with Alan Walker. Say what’s up!

Hey Walkers!

So finish the sentence in one word. Alan Walker is..?


I noticed you wear a mask for every show, it has become your symbol. You have advocated that you wear it because you’d like others to believe anyone could be the face behind that mask. That is very inspiring. Now tell me, despite the mask covering your mouth, do you still smile while wearing it in photos?

Yea! Smiling under the mask gives me smiley eyes. If I don’t smile, I don’t have smiley eyes and it looks odd.

Listen to ‘Different World’ below:

Photo via AW Facebook

You have a real aesthetic eye for music and production, can you tell me a little about the process of creating ‘Different World’?

The single was brought to me from another DJ and I loved it. I wanted to join in. The entire album is about me going and experimenting with different sounds. I got to custom the boundaries of music, I would say, and with myself.

Do you think ‘Different World’ has a story to it then since it acts as a creative journey for you?

Pretty much. All of the songs follow a line sort of. The single ‘Different World’ though is different because that is focused on global pollution. I felt that was a really important topic and that I should use my voice to talk about it. Something small like that can make a big impact.

Are you involved with any organizations that help with that help spread awareness for that cause- global pollution?

Yea! I support charities here and there. You know those guys that stop you on the street and ask you to sign a petition to support a cause. That’s what I do in my free time. I’m pretty much signed up for anything that I can get involved with. I support any cause. I also donate a few thousand dollars to a charity not too long ago.

Photo via Steven Brossart Photography

Right before this, I listened to the ‘Greatest Showman Remix’. How did you become attached with that?

For me this was a very important song. I would say it addresses a lot of problems, for example when people feel alone, or as if they aren’t good enough. I put my experiences in that remix. Like with music, I wasn’t sure if people would like my music. I had this stage fright and now overcoming that, it’s the best feeling ever. Basically it addresses mental health issues. I want people to listen to it and eventually feel comfortable with speaking up about it and getting help.

Click play on the ‘Greatest Showman Remix’ below:

Photo via Steven Brossart Photography

A lot of people know you as the producer behind ‘Faded’, but what would you like to be known for forever?

I would want to be known as a young, humble guy who fell into music and reached global success.  I would want to be remembered as the guy who tried to change the world.

Can we get one message to all your fans?

Hey Walkers! I would like to say thank you for all the love and support that you have shown so far. The ‘Different World’ album tour has been amazing so far. Cross some boundaries and try something new. I’m excited to show you new music in 2019 and years to come. Thank you!

Sing along to ‘Faded’ below:

Alan Walker Different World Tour

Different World Tour

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