HVRCRFT Throws Down a Fun Future Bass Remix of Calvin Harris’ ‘Summer’

Signed by Thrive Music, rising Los Angeles based DJ/Producer, HVRCRFT is heating up with his latest releases. After gaining significant support for his future bass collaboration with Bailo and single ‘All I See’ with JAYCEEOH, we are excited to premier his official remix of Calvin Harris‘ ‘Summer’ to help further propel his career.

Bask in the summer vibes with HVRCRFT’s latest release.

HVRCRFT ‘Summer 2018’ Calvin Harris Remix

I wanted to make a song to commemorate the end of the Summer of 2018 and doing this remix just naturally came to mind. For me it inspires a sense of nostalgia that in a few years time we can hear this song and remember the Summer of 2018 in all its glory! -HVRCRFT

Listen to HVRCRFT’s ‘Summer 2018’:

To signify how free you feel while listen to HVRCRFT ‘Summer 2018’, he makes his take available as a free download. Since its release in 2014, Calvin Harris achieved over a billion listens with ‘Summer’ due to its infectious dance music anthem structure. HVRCRFT is able to make ‘Summer’ sound brand new with a fresh and exciting uptempo back beat and unique future bass elements. While listening to this single you will notice HVRCRFT’s influence from Marshmello and we hope you can remember meeting someone in the summer that you now love.

To present more of HVRCRFT’s music we have created an exclusive playlist of his most banging singles.


Within this playlist you will hear his powerful trap remixes of DJ Snake‘s ‘Magenta Riddim‘, SAYMYNAME‘s ‘Get On My Level‘ and Run Cities featuring Waka Flocka FlameStyles & Complete‘. Click each song title to pick up the free download. The playlist ends with his original singles with Bailo and JAYCEEOH that have been turning heads. Enjoy.

Show your love by following him on his social media handles linked below. It will be feel great getting down to his headlining set someday soon knowing you helped him get there.

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