This Hippie Trap Would Be The Perfect Addition To Any Camping Festival [Video]

hippie trap
Watch out hippies.

Our non-conformist Bohemian brethren in San Franciso better be on high alert.

The Haight-Ashbury Hippie trap has been luring in unsuspecting hippies roaming the sidewalks of Fog City for the past couple of weeks.

Suspended 10 feet above a sidewalk in The Upper Haight, the Hippie trap has been captivating passersby with its mesmerizing LED patterns that create a hallucinogenic effect.

Courtesy of The Bubble Stroller Guy, the Hippie trap would be the perfect addition to any camping music festival.

As described on his Facebook page:

Using modern LED technology, feral Hippies are painlessly hypnotized and captured in a cruelty-free manner.

We operate a catch-and-release policy; Hippies are released in northern Mendocino to forage for marijuana in their natural environment.

We renounce cruelty; we never subject them to physical or verbal abuse, forced showers, Phish concert recordings or gainful employment.

Selected Hippies are occasionally made available for adoption, please enquire.

If you own a domestic Hippie please ensure s/he is tagged, neutered and bathed annually.

So here’s the real question: Who’s bringing this to The Forest?

Check out the Haight-Ashbury Hippie trap below.

Source: Hoodline

photo credit: ierdnall via photopin cc