Helena Legend Wants To Know: RU Feeling It? [Official Music Video]

Helena Legend has been putting in work since her debut single, ‘Girl From The Sky‘. She has released several successful tracks such as, ‘Pasilda’, ‘Shake It’ and ‘Legend’. She currently holds a two year residency at Drai’s Nightclub/Dayclub in Las Vegas. Her past remixes include NERVO’s ‘Let It Go’ and Calvin Harris’ ‘This Is What You Came For’.

Making her mark on the world, Helena has released original singles on renowned imprints such as Musical Freedom Records, Mixmash Records, Ultra Records and Sony Music.

Helena Legend makes her own rules on her new ‘No Explanations’ EP series.

Helena Legend photo via Helena Legend Facebook

Helena Legend unveils Part 1 of her ‘No Explanations’ EP series.

Moving on from her previous successes to yet another impressive feat, Helena Legend has unveiled Part 1 of her brand new EP Series No Explanations. Also, just released was the official music video to track one of her experimental ‘No Explanations Part 1’ EP via Sony Music and Ultra Records. The track ‘RU Feeling It’ featuring LYRE presents an interesting plot with the video’s beautifully shot footage, taped in Shanghai, China.

Breaking away from her previous identity and truly stepping into her own on her latest, Helena Legend makes her own vocal debut on the second track ‘Illusion’. The track is about making the best of the life you live; truly living life to the fullest, and appropriately so. With the help of fellow Australian Blake Rose singing on the track, Helena Legend takes listeners on a virtual ‘Getaway’ in the properly named third track of this vocal urban dance EP.

Listen to and download ‘RU Feeling It’ by Helena Legend Ft. LYRE below: 

Also enjoy the official music video for ‘RU Feeling It’ by Helena Legend:

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