Headphone Activist – The Rainforest [Free Download]

headphone activist the rainforest
Headphone Activist – The Rainforest

Crafting beats under the guise of Headphone Activist, Pittsburgh producer Pete Domville is back at it with his first release in nearly two months.

A welcomed variation from his previous two releases, “Timekeeper” and “North End Nightlife,” HPA continues to flaunt the production skills that landed him a spot on our 20 favorite tracks of 2014.

An all original track, “The Rainforest” is a Clams Casino styled, cloud rap beat filled with sounds and samples that Domville personally collected from rain forests around the world.

Knowledge of this attention to detail magnifies the relaxed, meditative tone of the track that has been best summarized as “melodic serene nature trap.”

Brilliant distortion of vocal samples complement the simple, though effective, bass line creating an overall vibe that makes it easy to drift away.

Delicate and gentle, “The Rainforest” is the perfect track for those seeking relaxed, downtempo ambiance.

Listen to “The Rainforest” by Headphone Activist below and be sure to grab the free download.

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