Few cities mean more to music and the culture than Los Angeles, California. It’s where musicians and producers go to test if they have what it takes. Within such a competitive environment, a favorite Los Angeles music festival this summer will be HARD Summer 2019. Happening this August 3rd and 4th, this 18 and up festival truly draws some huge names from all sectors of electronic music.

HARD Summer 2019 Lineup

Photo Credit hardsummer.com

Taking one look at the lineup gives you a good idea of why this is such a popular festival. It has names big and small from many assuring that any sort of music fan will have a stage to go to at Hard Summer. Each day has something special to offer. With the festival only be 2-days, saving energy for a day 3 will not be necessary, so congratulations guys, we all have a license to go hard both days.

Photo Credit hardsummer.com
Photo credit hardsummer.com
Photo Credit hard summer.com

Corona, Smirnoff, and Tinder are all sponsoring HARD Summer 2019, a trio who know how to instigate some fun.

Prepare for the heat, but know ice cold beverages await to accompany good vibes. The Auto Club Speedway in Fontana makes for an expansive venue with a world of things to experience. HARD Summer 2019 will truly be an amazing festival well worth the trip. Dress light, drink water and go HARD.

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