Why It’s Important to Warm Up Before A Long Bike Ride

Do you enjoy taking your special Chatham beach cruiser out for long rides even when the temperatures start to fall? Although brisk rides in cool weather can provide vigorous exercise, going for long bike rides in the cold can potentially be uncomfortable and even dangerous to your health. It’s important to find clever ways to get warm and stay warm before heading out into plunging temperatures for a lengthy bike ride. Here are some of the top tactics you may want to consider trying.

Staying Warm Can Help You Enjoy Your Bike Ride More

No matter how much you enjoy using your sixthreezero around the block men’s beach cruiser, you’re sure to enjoy your cold-weather bike rides more if you feel warm and toasty. Nothing spoils a peaceful bike ride quite like biting cold temperatures, inadequate clothing or a poorly suited bicycle. On the other hand, if you take steps ahead of time to warm up, you could potentially stretch out your bike ride longer and have a better time.

Getting Cold Could Put You at Risk of Serious Health Issues

Failing to warm up before hopping onto your hybrid beach cruiser and taking it out for a ride can unfortunately have more serious consequences than simply spoiling your fun. In some cases, low temperatures combined with a lengthy bike ride to lead to an increased risk of a range of serious health problems. For example, it’s not uncommon for exposed skin to become frostbitten during prolonged exposure to below-freezing temperatures. You may need to cut off your bike ride early if you start to feel unwell or notice anything out of the ordinary. Some of the health issues you could risk by biking in the cold include:

  • Frostbite
  • Colds or the flu
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Chest pains
  • Numbness

Taking Precautions Can Make Your Ride as Safe as Possible

Thankfully, taking adequate precautions can allow you to go for a safe ride while staying warm. You can take one or multiple steps depending on your level of comfort, the local weather conditions and the planned length of your ride. To warm up before your ride and stay warm during it, you could:

  • Take a warm bath or shower and dry off thoroughly before heading out
  • Put heat packets inside your gloves or shoes
  • Bundle up in multiple layers to account for potential changes in the weather
  • Ensure you cover as much skin as possible with long-sleeved shirts, sturdy pants, long underwear, coats, scarves, hats and more
  • Opt for warm headwear that fits comfortably underneath your helmet

Even if you enjoy long bike rides in cold weather and prefer brisk-weather biking over other forms of winter exercise, staying warm is imperative to maintaining good health and preventing potentially serious consequences. In order to warm up before your ride and to stay warm during the ride, make sure to take whatever precautions necessary and listen to your body. With these tips, you can enjoy your bikes rides through cold weather in a safe and responsible manner.

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