Groove Cruise Cabo Experience

Groove Cruise Cabo Experience

Groove Cruise Cabo was a fully immersive music expedition, something which really has no comparison. We made this little aftermovie to document our experience.

Groove Cruise allows you to fully immerse yourself in your love of music and everything that comes with it. Great music, delicious food and drink, happy people, new destinations and travel, intimate musical journeys and the freedom from all that could encumber you from having anything less than the time of your life.

Read more of our Groove Cruise Cabo Event Review and some of our favorite moments.

Enjoy reliving the epic and unparalleled time by watching our Groove Cruise 2017 recap video below:

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We cannot wait to be cruising with some of you guys again soon!

The next Groove Cruise will be leaving the port of Miami on January 23rd and will return January 27th. Buy your tickets buy clicking here.

Groove Cruise Miami 2017

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