Artist 5 of 10 For Our Envision 2017 Showcase: Ott.

For this week’s review of the Envision 2017 lineup we selected English dub wizard, Ott. Two years ago he was opening for Tipper at Red Rocks, now he is selling out shows around the world with his classic dub sounds, hypnotic electronic pulse, and sonic experimental sounds. Keep an ‘all seeing eye’ out for him at numerous big festivals this season, including both weekends at Electric Forest.

Envision 2017 Lineup Review Ott.

Ott.’s recipe to spread hope and positivity is to combine bass-heavy rhythm, abstract soundscape and timeless melody.

In the early 90’s Ott. first started making music in hopes to create an ideal soundtrack to an outdoor English festival. His main influences are Brian EnoThe Orb, African Head Charge, and On-U-Sound. Ott.‘s first album was released by Twisted Records and comprised of slower and more chilled out versions of Hallucinogen‘s (Simon Posford) trance tracks.

Take a listen to what Ott. has to offer in this track, ‘Mr. Balloon Hands’ below:

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