It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything new from saxophone wizard, Grant Richard Kwiecinski a.k.a GRiZ. His last release, Chasing the Golden Hour – Part 2, a 10 track mix tape, was released back in 2017. Last week however, he blessed his fans with two beautiful new singles: “It Gets Better” (featuring DRAM) and “Can’t Get Enough”.

GRiZ ‘It Get’s Better’

The energy embedded within “It Gets Better” is indescribable. The song begins with a heartwarming children’s choir singing alongside a regal piano melody. DRAM’s vocals soon enter and add another level of depth to the track.

Once the drop comes though, its game over.

A smooth, silky sax plays over a groovy funk beat that only GRiZ could produce. The message behind the song is important to note as well. No matter how tough times get, GRiZ wants us to remember that we should stay positive. Life can be difficult but that’s what makes it so precious. Without a doubt, this song can definitely turn any mediocre day into a great one.  

Listen to “It Gets Better” below:

“Can’t Get Enough” accompanies “It Gets Better”, on this most recent release.

This track incorporates heavy influences of blues and funk. It’s gritty, powerful and even features the vocals of the man himself, GRiZ.

Watch the lyric video for Can’t Get Enough below:

As a fan, it’s hard to wait for new content from your favorite artists. However, quality music takes time and I’m thankful that GRiZ put such an incredible effort into these tracks. We can’t wait to see what he drops next.

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