Inspiring Gramatik Music Video Shows His Love for Creativity [Video]

gramatik coachella

Denis Jasarevic, known to the world as Gramatik, has always been a one of a kind producer.

He inspires people across the globe to be themselves and to live their dreams.

This video short further expands his message to “Leave Your Mark” on the world.

Gramatik is one of our favorites simply because of his mindset on life and music creation.

The man claims to be “a part-time musician and a full-time comedian.”

Between his groovy, smile-producing mixes and swingin’ saxophone playing, Gramatik is definitely worthy of the title musician and comedian.

He loves to entertain and make people laugh and brings light and color to his fans.

Isn’t that truly what humanity should be about – laughter?

Artists like Gramatik such as GRiZ and Archnemesis also feel this way about the world.

You should learn to express yourself fully in every way no matter what your art form may be.

Creativity is a huge part of the EDM community, so always keep an open mind.

Gramatik sports his love for creativity in this video short below titled “Leave Your Mark.”

Also watch Gramatik’s latest music video for “Brave Men” featuring Eskobars.

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