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The Funk Hunters

The Funk Hunters - Nick Middleton and Duncan Smith
The Funk Hunters – Photo via Facebook

Still looking to get captured by the funk? We thought so! And we promise you’ll love these guys just as much as the others. The Funk Hunters are one of the best kept secrets in electronic dance music and over the past two years they have easily become one of Canada’s biggest breakout acts. Nick Middleton and Duncan Smith started turning heads with their incredible abilities in remixing and reviving rare, old-school classics. Since then they have been working tirelessly to evolve their art, constantly pushing the boundaries of their potential to create something fresh and funky. The dynamic duo completely redefined their sound and took their music to the next level when they successfully bridged the gap between electronic and live music.

Their live stage show features a 4-turntable custom synced audio and visual experience that is brought to life by a six piece band including live vocals, guitar, trumpet, saxophone, keys and drums. What you get is a cutting-edge performance with the raw energy of a live band that combines the melodies and emotion of funk and soul with the tenacity and vigor of electronic drums and BIG, boomin’ basslines.

When they’re not awing and captivating audiences across the globe Nick and Duncan are working tirelessly at their own record label, Westwood Recordings, which can only be described by their tagline – Music To Feed The Soul. Through this outlet they are able to critique and develop upcoming artists while providing strategic international distribution and publishing opportunities. If it’s not evident already, these guys live for the music and their energetic, charismatic and ambitious attitudes show no signs of slowing down. Be on the look out for The Funk Hunters and their live band performances because they are about to blow up and you wouldn’t want to miss out on all the treats they’ve been funkin’ up for us.

The Funk Hunters Live Band at the Commodore Ballroom
The Funk Hunters Live Band at the Commodore Ballroom – Photo via Facebook

Listen to The Funk Hunters Audio/Visual set featuring live guitar and saxophone at Shambhala 2013:

The Funk Hunters FREE Downloads via Soundcloud:

Listen to the SOUL BEAT EP from The Funk Hunters + CMC&Silenta, FREE download HERE:

Watch the recap video for The Funk Hunters Live with the full band at Sugar Nightclub in Victoria BC:

Watch the music video for The Funk Hunters remix of The Who’s ‘Who Are YOu’:

Watch the music video for The Funk Hunters remix of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘The Chain’:

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