Get Down to Cut Rugs’ Gooey Glitch Hop EP This Halloween

It’s been some time since our initial interview with our pal Cut Rugs. Little did we know it was because he’s been laser focused while working on a brand new EP. Titled New, Cut Rugs is firing on all cylinders with this one. Known for his lurky deep dub sounds, his new project reflects a glitch hop influence, and a bit of Tipper feels, yes Tipper feels…

Perfectly aligning with the Halloween season, New packs a mean punch of bass sprinkled with just the right amount of goo.

New by Cut Rugs

Listen to Cut Rug’s New EP at your Halloween party:

Cut Rugs New
Photo Credit : Judson Hall Photography

Here are 3 reasons why we think the EP is a perfect addition for your Halloween playlist.

1. The Undergrowth!

Never heard of The Undergrowth? Shame on you, for you have not truly experienced the essence of spooky bass without knowing The Undergrowth crew. The collective of artists based out of Asheville, N.C. are not for the faint of heart. Overall, they know good bass music when they hear it and even better, they’re pros at producing it. While The Undergrowth represent a good variety of genres, many of them are notorious for that creepy deep bass that dub fanatics dream about. Don’t believe us? Check out some of the tracks below to get a feel for how spooky their bass really gets.

Murkury – “Heyoka”

Makak & Snakko – “The Darkside”

Vibe Emissions – “Shadow Figures”

2. Sound Progression

Aside from the fact that this EP is without a doubt deep and sinister, New is proof that Cut Rugs has really progressed with his sound scheme. We decided to listen to some Cut Rugs throwbacks to compare.

His old school tunes are quality tracks but this EP really showcases his strengths when it comes to producing. Each element is strategically placed to allow the sounds to co-exist among one another.

“While making this ep, I realized just how much I love to experiment with sound design. It gives me a chance to hear something never heard before. This ep was a big deal to me… I don’t want to be a super popular producer but I do want to be an innovator. I don’t want to just use serum presets. All my sound design and basses are created from scratch.”

We encourage you to listen to the first track Cut Rugs ever released on SoundCloud and then compare it with a new song. Clearly, there is an obvious improvement of technique that really speaks volumes through New. 

Cut Rugs – “Treble Honey”

Cut Rugs – “New”

3. Maynix

Maynix is an underground cutting-edge producer that pushes for perfection for all the right reasons. While he’s still solidifying his sound, Maynix and Cut Rugs are a match made in heaven. With this being the only collaboration on the project, “Motivate” is a ground breaking tune. Intricate pieces of heart stopping bass and tortuous buildups are what push the sounds of “Motivate” to the next level. In addition, the ominous vocals add to the eerie feel of the work as a whole.

Cut Rugs & Maynix – “Motivate”

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