Galantis and JVKE Release “Dandelion”

The Swedish superstar duo Galantis joined forces with rising Tik Tok star JVKE to release a new pop-house track titled “Dandelion”. Late last year, JVKE was featured on a Livestream concert for the duo, sparking rumors that a song with the two of them was soon to come. The rising 19-year-old singer JVKE found massive success with his song “Upside Down“, which has over 20 million streams and is the 3rd most played song on the app. When you think about the magnitude of Tik Tok, that is an awe-inspiring feat to accomplish.

In a recent interview, Galantis had this to say about the new release came to be:

“Dandelion; came about after JVKE requested to hop on a Galantis Instagram Live. I recognized him from TikTok and I asked him what he was up to. He said he was working on an idea for a song and started to sing it for me. I really loved the vibe, and he asked if I was down to work on it together. We ended up sending it back and forth, and it became this natural organic collaboration with no real plan or goal. The past year has really changed how we make music and work with other artists, with negative circumstances actually opening doors to unlikely opportunities.”

Dandelion” does an amazing job of highlighting the unique and subtle vocals of JVKE. His voice never feels forced, and he sings with ease that is far beyond his years. The lyrics talk about how when you pick up a dandelion, they look so amazing for just a split second, but when the wind blows, the beauty of the flower goes with it. It’s such a beautiful reference to a relationship and how something can be so beautiful one minute, but with challenge, all of that can change in an instant. In true Galantis style, the lyric video is a visual stunner and a great work of art in its own right.

2020 was a very big year for the duo despite all the setbacks. In February, the two men released their 3rd studio album, Church via Atlantic Records. The album reached #4 in the US Dance charts and was a huge start to the year for them. In addition to the album four singles “The Lake,” “Only a Fool,” “Pretty Please,” and “Tu Tu Tu” were all dropped throughout the year. This is just the beginning for JVKE, and with this new release, you can expect to see him working with some of your favorite artists in the years to come. We as a community wish both of them great success in the coming year! 

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