Fytch Pays Tribute To France With “Sirens Over Paris”

“‘Sirens Over Paris’ is a brooding, melancholy song from a Frenchman that combines plucked guitar, ethereal vocals and twirling synths. This is a song I made in response to the recent events that took place in Paris.” – Fytch

Fytch’s tribute to Paris is also a nod to the producers skill.

“Sirens Over Paris” is a solid track featuring his vast and multifaceted array of production assets.

While the events that took place are never expected nor should be considered normal, “Sirens” provides a sense of hope and the will to fight. Combined with the aesthetic of the track, it just goes to show how much the real world can be effected by music. A battle cry for some might be a love song to others. In this regard, music is the universal language binding us all together in times of despair and pain.

It is times like these that more often than not define who we are as individual and also a society and community. The synths come in like a blaring warning sign of the chaos ensuing in the world around us. The attack of each drop is reminiscent of bombs falling from the sky. As the destruction and surreal feeling of not believing what you are seeing begins to fade, the sky becomes blue again. The Sun is shining and people return back to their “normal” lives. We learn to adapt and move on, while still carrying what happened with us for eternity. We rise up from the rubble with more conviction than ever before.

In the end, all we have is music and each other, through the good times and the bad times.

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