Bixel Boys Make OWSLA Debut, Premiere “Ain’t Your Girl” Video Alongside Urban-Inspired Clothing Line

January 19th, 2016 marked a very special day in the musical careers of Ian & Rob – known as Bixel Boys based out of Los Angeles, California.

Ian and Rob have become one of the most predominate entrepreneurs in the electronic scene to date. Bixel Boys aren’t only known for the techno fueled, heavy bassline tracks that they have been producing and receiving support from worldwide, but also for their underground clothing movement known as “FREELIFE.” Bixel Boys’ #FREELIFE movement decided to partner with leading women’s street brand company DimepieceLA to create a collection complementing the music video for “Aint Your Girl”.

Bixel Boys

Designed for women, the capsule collection showcases a custom long-cut flannel, a long-sleeve black bodysuit, and sleeveless plaid bodysuit inspired by the female lead’s independent and urban ego. Ladies you can check out the DimepieceLA collection below.

From backyards to baseball fields. Highschool and your first love.  Rooftops to parking lots.  We can never ignore where we’re from.  This movement is a celebration of youth, growing up, and never letting go of the kid we once were. Of seeing yourself as a collection of experiences instead of only how you feel today. It’s about never forgetting where you started.  #FREELIFE was born and raised in Los Angeles and the Hometown Project is a tribute to the biggest of cities and the smallest of towns that shaped who we became today. – Bixel Boys

The LA duo, known for their innovation in the studio and in dance music in general, just delivered a breath taking music video to accompany their newest collaboration with Amsterdam-based producer Poupon.

Bixel Boys x Poupon newest single “Ain’t Your Girl” is a dark, techno influenced club anthem that is featured as Bixel’s debut on Skrillex’s powerhouse label OWSLA.

“Aint Your Girl” is a teaser track from OWSLA Worldwide Broadcast compilation due next friday (January 29th). Along with the dark, heavy techno club banger comes a mesmerizing music video directed by Pavel Brenner. Pavel Brenner is known as the forefront of video team Room 113. Brenner directs a “Mortal Kombat” style dance battle between very talented dancers that takes place in what looks like a high school gymnasium. The series of dancers battle to be the best and to save their own lives, as a dictator of sorts decides whether they proved themselves worthy of moving to the next round. The variety of dancers that perform are not only very talented but showcase a contortionist style of dancing that will catch your attention right away.

This particular style of dancing will probably make you cringe, but is recognizable as the same type of contortion dancing takes place throughout Skrillex’s music video for his groundbreaking GTA’s-Red Lips (Skrillex Remix) dropped via OWSLA last month.

Director Pavel Brenner told the Creators Project:

We show a dystopian world where the violence became causal and serves to entertain the crowd.

Watch Bixel Boys & Poupon’s “Ain’t Your Girl” below and get ready to be captivated by Brenner’s unique life-or-death dance battle between some of LA’s talented street performers.

Ladies shop the #FREELIFE x DimepieceLA’s capsule collection here.

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