Francis Mercier Selects Refined Talent for NY State of House Vol.1 – Sunset Edition

The release of Deep Root Records, NY State of House Vol.1 – Sunset Edition, is for the people, serving as a reminder of the importance of house music and how its vibrations have unified communities around the world. For the reflective compilation, label head, Francis Mercier, selects a refined collection of afro house, melodic deep, soulful and progressive house from revered New York based artists that hail from all over the world, Zambia to Australia.

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Deep Root Records shares their intentions behind NY State of House Vol.1, “the ethereal afro-house tracks illuminate and thriive from progressive tribal verve to the deep soothing baselines and underground tones. The Sunset Edition conveys unity between music and life from around the globe in order to build a congregation of regions; hand in hand to live and work as one. New York City beholds life from all regions of the world. As we attack racial / global hardship while reviving the city we all love, back from the Pandemic, we pay tribute to rebuilding society back to a better place. Deep Root has taken pride in not only working with the world’s most renowned artists and tastemakers but more importantly, the development of making our artists world renowned. The direction and mission of this project and our mission directly correlates and may impact with the world’s hardships today.”

In other words, we the People of the world, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish house music that insures international tranquility, provides for the community, promotes the general Welfare, and secures the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United House Music Community.

House Music Artist Discovery

Dario La Mazza (Switzerland)

Kreative Nativez (Zambia)

Paso Doble (Canada)

thatDROP Exclusive Interview with Paso Doble

Emvafaya (US)

Safar (France)

thatDROP Exclusive Interview with Safar

Nitefreak (Africa)

Alfred deLuna (US)

Sean Ae (Australia)

Rïa Mehta (United Arab Emirates)

Thomas Schwartz (Italy)

Fausto Fanizza (Italy)

SINVERGÜENZA (Netherlands)

Dissolut (Germany)


Roland Clark (US)


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