Follow These DJs on Instagram, Like, NOW

Nowadays, we’ve got access to a plethora of social media outlets and the electronic music community has joyously flooded each and every one of them.  While we’re more connected now than ever, there’s one outlet that continues to hold strong — and we’re loving every post. We’re talking the photo- and video-sharing social networking service of INSTAGRAM!

We’ve already clued you into which 5 Instagram Account Every EDM Lover Should Follow to help step up your rave accessory game.   Now, it’s probably time to update your following list once again and this time we’re here to help you step up your artist following game.

Keep scrolling and check out our list of top EDM artist profiles, and Follow These DJs on Instagram Like Now:


Take my NMDs before someone runs off with em! @adidasoriginals

A photo posted by Steve Aoki (@steveaoki) on

Much like the energizer bunny, Steve Aoki does. not. stop…ever.  Judging by his steady Instagram flow, this guy is forever on the move, and we enjoy keeping up (or at least trying to) with his wild antics. Whether he’s hanging from the rafters, dog-piling the equipment, or convertible cruising, Mr. Aoki is guaranteeing a wild adventure.


Diplo’s social media game has always been on point.  The guy continues to produce marketing gold, apparent with his more than 2.2 million followers.  Whether it’s the booty pics, the comical portraits, the insane stage shots, or his celebrity entourage, Diplo’s got the ideal Instagram profile that appeals to the masses.


This is a double whammy — one for the techno lovers and another for the foodies.  Dubfire produces gold for both.  At first glance, with his posts of delectable dishes and sunrise party shots, it’s difficult to tell if he’s a seasoned chef or a techno master.  Either way, Dubfire exudes a sophisticated social media presence and we thank him for it.


Oh boy ( ? : @taylorjjames )

A photo posted by NERVO (@nervomusic) on

These girls are everywhere, and they’re adding a much-needed dash (maybe even a heap) of beauty to our must-follow list.  We’re talking about the Nervo sisters!  These gals are offering up exclusive behind-the-scene shots, personal love quotes, childhood throwbacks, and [thankfully] skin, skin, skin!



A photo posted by Tiësto (@tiesto) on

Following Tiësto on Instagram is like being friends with your high school’s star quarterback. Seriously, everything this guy does is the epitome of AWESOME.  He’s got the prettiest fans (yes that includes his girlfriend, model Annika Backes), he drives the coolest cars, he takes the coolest trips, and he plays the biggest events.  Throw Tiësto a follow and enjoy yourself a virtual ‘stay-cation’.


Mondays are blue..

A photo posted by HEADHUNTERZ (@headhunterz) on

One of the most aesthetically-pleasing profiles we visit on the daily is from none other than Headhunterz. This dude stays true to the fog-tinted filter and we love it every time.  He’s got abstract lady-friend shotsWorkflow Wednesday inspirations, and even larger-than-life stage shots — and we can’t get enough of this creative uniformity.



A photo posted by Dillon Francis (@dillonfrancis) on

If the lighthearted comedy bit is your thing, then you should have been following Dillon Francis, like, yesterday.  He’s got buddy blackmail, hilarious videos, and even a Pegapizza.  As an added bonus, you will not only get to better know Dillon Francis, but you’ll get a glimpse at his varied alter egos as well (DJ HanzelKlaudTrevaGreg, and even Rave Dad).


Thanks everyone for making this years @buygore pool party one of the proudest moments for me. Y’all were lit

A photo posted by Asaf Borgore (@borgore) on

Follow Borgore because…booty.  Not only is this profile full of @$$, it’s also got its fair share of selfies, stages, and snacks.  The popularity of both Borgore and his social media is spreading like wildfire.  If you want a glimpse of what it’s like to be the life of the party, Borgore is your man.

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