Trilli Submits a “GTA – Red Lips” Remix and Bring On the Stank Face

When we first started thatDROP we were immediately inundated with song submissions, sadly it was more than we could handle. Once we initiated the $18 submission fee, it narrowed the submissions to only the best of the best. DJ’s and Producers that believed in their sound above all else, and were willing to hand over a few sheckles to guarantee we’d give it the time of day.

Well, Trilli submitted a “GTA – Red Lips” remix this morning and perfectly embodied what we’re looking for from these submissions.

You’ve got a guy with less than 1,000 followers on SoundCloud and Instagram combined dropped a hot bag of trap goodness. Here is his reward, for $18 this gentlemen gets a full feature on the site and all of our love.

Go ahead, blow our mind. We’d love to hear from you.

Think you have what it takes to melt our face? Do it here: