Find “Paradise” In Wongo’s New, Ibiza Inspired EP And Remixes

Australia has produced a slew of talented producers, and Gold Coast native Wongo is no exception. While his original track/EP of “Paradise” has increased in popularity, four producers already stepped up to the plate to remix the hell out of it.

Find “Paradise” in Wongo’s EP.

The original brands itself with Ibiza-inspired club beats behind the playful vocalizations from San Mei.

The remixes start with Yolanda Be Cool’s Malibu Mix which adds a quicker tempo with some classic house vibes. These tracks were possibly inspired by 90s house with a latin-flare. The Malibu Mix served up is perfect for the poolside or beachside rave party.

When listening to the Torren Foot Remix, the beat crawls to a more frantic pacing.

Most of the original melody is mashed with dirtier and darker vibrations than the latter two. Compared to the original and the Malibu Mix from Yolanda Be cool, the Torren Foot remix preps the original for a night-out at a warehouse. This track has just enough pop sensibility to land on your local radio station at 1:30 a.m. before the bar closes.

It’s evident that simplicity is the name of the game as soon as we get to the Jace Mek mix.

While this remix does have its share of flash, the gritty synths bring the listener to a more chilled-out after party. This remix doesn’t utilize the vocal track as much, but still teases the vocals in-and-out of the tribal house elements.

Possibly some of the most effective vibes can b e found on the Amastro remix, as the track borrows string-riffs from 90s pop in such a subtle way that you can miss it. With a male voice layering San Mei’s, it gives the feeling of a duet between two lovers. The Amastro remix marks itself as the complete outlier of the EP.

While all producers bring different vibes to the table, all of them pay tribute to Wongo’s infectious original track. Check them out below.

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