SLANDER & Sullivan King Electrify Metal With “Welcome To the Fire”

Slander and Sullivan King recently released “Welcome To The Fire” on Disciple Records. It’s not a common notion for metal to flirt with electronic music. Few artists have mastered the contentious relationship between the two. “Welcome To The Fire” by electronic maven Slander and Sullivan King exemplifies the marriage of polar opposites and brutal sounds.

SLANDER & Sullivan King electrify metal with “Welcome To the Fire”.


Multi-instrumentalist Sullivan King couldn’t be more present among Slander’s biting synths and riffs.

The willingness of both artists allow both of their differences to shine. Sullivan’s lean-mean guitar melody plays over Slander’s electrifying stylings.

Screamed vocals and distortion take over.

“Welcome to the Fire” suits itself for any dank and dirty warehouse found in the shady side of town. While those who appreciate softer sounds might not appreciate the grittier elements, the song still possesses a level of catchiness which could possibly attract fans who aren’t always into metal or vice versa.

“Welcome to the Fire” is a welcome change to what we have been hearing over the last few years.

In a song which rejects normal “EDM” conventions, this new single is bound to help form a new sub-genre. Download the new track here.

Listen to “Welcome To The Fire” if you are open-minded:


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