Exotic Instruments Meet Future Sounds in Slow Magic’s Exclusive Mix

Slow Magic just started a mix series called Imaginary Friends. For his first volume, he melds live instrumentation with soothing bass and future sounds, making the perfect music to relax the mind to.

For Slow Magic‘s exclusive mix he may introduce you to artists like Bleed, Meerkhat, Technocolor, Cloudchord or Magic Fluff. He will also throw in some of our favorite artists like Porter Robinson, Madeon and Cashmere Cat. You can find the full tracklist below.

Through these artists you will get to hear exotic and classic acoustic instruments meeting electronic sounds.

Slow Magic Exclusive Mix Imaginary Friends Vol. 1

Listen to Slow Magic’s Imaginary Friends Vol. 1:

Full Tracklist:

Bleed – Initium
We Are Creepz – Heart Craves
Melacruisin – Cold Duck
Meerkhat – 1337
Paraph’ – Pégase
hndclp=mndctrl -endless summer crepusclules
Slow Magic – Mind
Magic Fluff- Breath
ALIGN – daydreaming
Slow Magic – On Yr Side (Technocolor Remix)
alexdayo 道 -Ether (ft. GlenwoodOnly)
Cloudchord – Aviator
Kase – Escape (Abrakadaniel Remix)
airynore – heartstrings
Jerome Blazé – Bloom
Cashmere Cat x Kehlani – Night Night (Day x Glenwoodonly Flip)
James Dean – Throwing Rocks Up The Slide (Celadon City Remix)
horrorsho – Roses
Julee Cruise – Falling (Sparillow Remix)
Jam2go – Let it lie
Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter (Party Trooper piano version)

Slow Magic also just came out with another beaut called ‘Mind’ featuring the lovely vocals by Kate Boy.

Slow Magic ‘Mind’ Ft. Kate Boy

Listen to ‘Mind’ featuring Kate Boy below:

While you are in that Slow Magic mode, take a listen to his ‘Waited 4 U’ and his playful single ‘Corvette Cassette’.

Slow Magic will be all around Europe this summer from Paris and Brussels to London and Madrid. Keep up with him on his social media handles below.

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