Exclusive Interview with the Unruly and Admired Netherlands DJ, Dyro

Dyro, Dutch house artist is classified as one of the most talented DJs in the industry. From bedroom DJ to worldwide touring artist, Dyro builds his name reflecting as a successful individual. Since one of his first releases Daftastic on Hardwell‘s Revealed Recordings, his musical journey has been in a steady upward direction.

The busy musician is consistently booked performing at big-name clubs like Space in Ibiza, and also, at music festivals including EDC Las Vegas. With such an admirable success, the artist is ranked as one of the Top DJs on DJ Mag. We were intrigued with Dyros’ accomplishments, and eager to talk to him a little bit more about his musical career.

Check out our exclusive interview with Dyro.

photo credit Dyro

You were ranked twice back to back as the 27th DJ on DJ Mag Top 100, can you tell us a little bit how that makes you feel?

Landing in the Top 100 DJs poll really changed the whole prospect of my career early-on. At the time, I was the youngest ever, highest new entry and it completely gave me a new level exposure I’d never had before. It obviously felt great and was a big milestone that I appreciated so much, it really shows how behind you the fans are which as a young guy starting out, meant the world to me.

Have you always been interested in making music? What has led you here where you’re standing now?

Yes, I’m a very creative guy. Because I’m Dutch I grew up around all the different styles of big-room and trance that has now developed into the EDM boom – I sort of rode that wave in the beginning of my career. I was just inspired by the sounds I was exposed to. Hard work has for sure led me to where I am right now, I used to practice and practice making beats in my bedroom, spending hours learning techniques – I’m 100% self-taught and in the beginning, I always thought of myself as more of a producer than a DJ, but I think that was a case of getting familiar and comfortable with the next steps and how my career could evolve.

You’re also the owner of WOLV Record Label. What made you decide to create WOLV?

photo credit Dyro

I wanted to build a crew of like-minded producers to release some of the harder and more unique sounds that were out there. Some guys I’ve met at events like DanceFair in the Netherlands, where unknown guys have just submitted demos to me and I’ve signed them there and then on the spot, other – like Loopers for instance – are buddies of mine that I just think are totally dope and I wanna be working with. There are no rules with WOLV, and that is the exciting thing.

What do you envision for WOLV Record Label and everyone involved in it?

For us to be unruly and step outside the box by doing what we love.

I noticed you have a variety of sounds in your tracks. From electro to bass. When producing, what inspires your choice in the theme of a track you want to develop?

It really depends, sometimes I just want that bass to feel like a punch in the face, other times, I want listeners to ride out the more electro sounds overall. I’ve always followed my gut and the fans have stuck by me in that so I know I have the freedom to not experiment, but listen to my instincts.

What kind of mistakes have you seen DJs make when trying to make it in the industry?

Pandering to other artist, or labels and managers, thoughts and demands. Stay true to yourself, if you’re original and pushing yourself the hardest you can, you can have faith that you’ve taken the steps you need for you, artistically.

What kind of tactics do you use to prepare yourself for a successful show?

I wouldn’t use the word ‘tactics’ but I always make sure I have some hot edits and have an idea of some key tracks I wanna drop – that and just getting pumped, making sure I’m in the right frame of mind to give the audience what they want.

Listen to Dyro’s Daftastic Radio to get feel on how he mixes it up:

What should your fans look forward to this year from you?

New releases! A lot of them – my new collab with GTA and a huge solo one I’ve been sitting on for a while now are both coming very soon.

Any final words for our readers?

See you this weekend and don’t forget to cop ‘Talkin Bout’, my new collab with GTA January 29th!

photo credit Dyro

Dyro without a question is a passionate artist thriving in the industry. Last year reflected a lot of his solid work, and this year will be an even greater uprising. He hasn’t let anyone down with everything he has crafted last year. So as he pointed out, stay tune for new releases, and including the collaboration with GTA coming out soon!

Listen to bonus track Good Feelin by Dyro:

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