Eternal Dreamer – Schneeflocken

Eternal Dreamer - Schneeflocken
Eternal Dreamer – Schneeflocken

If you’re a fan of hard, dark trance, then you’ll want to look into German producer Eternal Dreamer.

In a string of releases with Addiktion Digital Records, the 33-year-old producer from Lübeck, Germany has shown his love for the darker side of trance music, and his productions are an intense foray into the hard driving depths of the genre.

Fast paced, dark, and powerful – ‘Schneeflocken’ is no different.

‘Schneeflocken’ starts with a menacing, almost industrial sound. As a booming and steady kick settles into it’s pulsing rhythm, synths swirl and white noise surrounds to create an ominous vibe that penetrates the soul.

As the song moves through its progression it takes listeners on a heavy ride that’s sure to be remembered. With a pointed energy and dark overall atmosphere, this tune will keep you on edge. Resting somewhere between the dark realms of industrial and trance, Eternal Dreamer is definitely one act to check out.

Check out Eternal Dreamer’s hard driving track ‘Schneeflocken’ below.

This post is sponsored by Eternal Dreamer.

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