5 Electronic Acts You Need to Experience at Wakarusa

5 Must See Electronic Performances at Wakarusa 2015. Photo - Phil Clarkin Photography and Wakarusa - Facebook.
Wakarusa returns to Ozark, Arkansas from Thursday, June 4 through Sunday, June 7, 2015. Photo – Phil Clarkin Photography and Wakarusa – Facebook.

With each festival lineup announcement that continues to be released, none rivals the diversity and all-encompassing talent of Wakarusa. Featuring artists that blanket the entire musical spectrum – EDM, jam, hip hop, bluegrass, and everything in between – it can be tough to decide who to see and who to miss when planning your schedule.

A lineup as stacked as this presents the inevitable decision-making challenge presented by overlapping shows, despite the incredible attention paid to curating the bill by festival organizers. But who can’t you miss? If you’re wondering about some must-see performances taking place at Wakarusa this year, look no further.

Below are 5 suggestions for electronic acts you need to experience at Wakarusa 2015.

5 Electronic Acts You Need to Experience at Wakarusa
5 Electronic Acts You Need to Experience at Wakarusa

Thievery Corporation

5 Must See Electronic Performances at Wakarusa 2015
Thievery Corporation. Photo – Christian Lamb and Thievery Corporation – Facebook.

Thievery Corporation is an ever-shifting conglomerate of musicians, singers, performers, and storytellers that are unlike any other group in the industry today. At the core, Thievery Corporation is DJ collective consisting of Rob Garza, Eric Hilton, and supporting artists Rob Myers, Loulou Ghelichkhani, Natalia Clavier, Frank ‘Booty Lock’ Mitchell, Mr. Lif, Jeff Franca, and Ashish Vyas.

Thievery Corporation has a world-beat sound, incorporating instruments from trumpets to sitars and everything in between.

Fusing lounge, jazz, dub, bossa nova, and more – Thievery’s sound is as ever-changing as their live show. Each album brings a new sound and direction for the famed group.

Don’t miss these guys at Wakarusa, they’re sure to bring out a on-of-a-kind show that will definitely be a highlight of the weekend.

Major Lazer

5 Must See Electronic Performances at Wakarusa 2015
Diplo performing with his intergalactic EDM project, Major Lazer. Photo via Major Lazer – Facebook.

Major Lazer is the intergalactic dance music brainchild of EDM superstar Diplo. With the self-proclaimed intent of creating interplanetary peace, Major Lazer’s tunes have been uniting dance floors globally since the first release in 2009.

With hard-hitting tunes that are as intense as their live show, Major Lazer’s sound crosses genres to create an all-encompassing maelstrom that leaves dance floors quaking in its wake. Blending EDM grooves with elements of dancehall, reggae, and hip hop – Major Lazer’s sound is bass music at it’s finest.

If you are looking for some high energy insanity to get you rocking at Wakarusa, you will find it here.

Thomas Jack

5 Must See Electronic Performances at Wakarusa 2015
Thomas Jack getting tropical. Photo via Thomas Jack – Facebook.

The 20 year old DJ/producer-phenom from Australia, Thomas Jack, is on the verge of something big. An instrumental force in the tropical house movement, he’s helped to pioneer the genre – even coining the ‘tropical house’ term.

Infusing saxophone, flute, trumpet, guitar, and piano into his productions – Thomas Jack is on the forefront of a new sound in house music.

For a genre that has been around for roughly 3 decades, that’s big. Thomas Jack’s music characterizes the classic deep house sound but with an immense beach vibe. Ergo, the tropical house name.

If you’re looking to get the beach party rocking out in the middle of the Ozarks, then Thomas Jack is your go to guy.


5 Must See Electronic Performances at Wakarusa 2015
Boombox performing in Boulder, Colorado. Photo via DN Photos and Boombox – Facebook.

Masters of the psychedelic electro-disco sound, BoomBox is the perfect soundtrack for a mountaintop dance party. Formed in Muscle Shoals, Alabama in 2004, one can hear the elements of the city’s rich musical heritage in BoomBox’s music. R&B, soul, funk, rock ‘n’ roll, blues – all of it comes into play when BoomBox steps onstage.

Consisting of producers, DJs, songwriters, and multi-instrumentalists Zion Godchaux and Russ Randolph, BoomBox bridges the gap between rock ‘n’ roll, psychedelia, and electronica.

With Russ behind the decks and Zion on guitar and lead vocals the duo creates an effortless free flowing sound that sounds as at home in dark bar lounges as it does on dance floors.

Upbeat and energetic yet slick and laid back, BoomBox is the perfect group to check out during your time on Mulberry whether you’re looking to chill out or rage it up.

They’re mainstays at the festival for a reason; they kill it every time.


5 Must See Electronic Performances at Wakarusa 2015
Minnesota performing at SoundGarden Hall in Philadelphia. Photo via Bonfire/SoundGarden Hall – Minnesota – Facebook.

If a bass-heavy journey is what you seek, you will find it with Minnesota. Originally hailing from (you guessed it!) Minnesota, the Southern California transplant started producing music in 2009 after attending that year’s Symbiosis Gathering, and we are extremely glad that he did.

Minnesota brings the raw energy and power of dubstep with the the subtlety and flow of electronica, combining the genres to create a cathartic sound.

If one were to narrow it to a single genre, “purple dubstep” would be the descriptor. Fuzzy bass lines, huge synths, and tight percussion – it’s reminiscent of MartyParty’s Purple EP in numerous ways.

With Minnesota’s massive bass lines and smooth DJ style, he is a must see at Wakarusa 2015. If you’re looking to dive into the heavier side of things, check out his set. It is guaranteed to be huge.

Any decision regarding which performance to see at Wakarusa is sure to be rewarding.

However, this list contains 5 electronic acts that will leave you melted on the dance floor, speechless at the sheer insanity of their live shows. Get ready for the party.

Are you looking for more information on Wakarusa?

Our Wakarusa Survival Guide has all you need to prepare for Wakarusa 2015. For more information and to purchase tickets visit the official Wakarusa website by clicking here.

Wakarusa returns to Mulberry Mountain in Ozark, Arkansas from Thursday, June 4 through Sunday, June 7, 2015.

Waka Waka!

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