Enter The World of PANG! Where You Can Expect The Unexpected

PANG! is a Swedish DJ duo who think outside the box. They believe that it is vital to keep your originality and bring something new to the scene. That advice is good for whatever venture you pursue.

For this track, ‘One Big Laugh’, the sound they develop can best be related to future bass. “One Big Laugh’ is layered with flute samples that are accompanied with unique sounding vocals creating a carefree vibe.

PANG! ‘One Big Laugh’

The mysterious cousins known as, PANG!, will truly try anything to create new feeling music.

Keep a look out for the new music they plan on coming out with in 2017 and they also have something up their sleeves for their live production.

Listen to ‘One Big Laugh’ by PANG! below: 

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