The PLUR Foundation’s Random Acts of Kindness Change The World

Down in Southern California, a group of ravers are taking the concept of P.L.U.R to new heights. Johnzie Kim and his squad have formed the PLUR Foundation that meets once a month with fellow ravers to volunteer within the community. They have completed a bunch of projects lately including, organizing a tree planting day and creating care packages for the troops.

Tree planting day photo via PLUR Foundation
Creating care packages photo via PLUR Foundation
Serving the homeless photo via PLUR Foundation

The PLUR Foundation would like to share their mission with us:

To bring Peace, Love, Unity, & Respect to the world by helping those in need, volunteering to better our communities, and encouraging people to pursue their passions. We participate in random acts of kindness, pay-it-forward activities, and monthly group volunteering events.

It is people like Johnzie and the other members of the PLUR Foundation that transcend the positive experiences we share at EDM events into a life changing movement.

Take a peak of their recap video from the PLUR Foundation’s “Tree Planting Day” below: 

Also, their recent project, “Tents For Homeless”, was televised on ABC and NBC news. For this project they were able to give away approximately 700 tents, 750 sweaters, and 300 sleeping bags. Check out the full news story by clicking here.

Tents for homeless photo via PLUR Foundation
Tents For Homeless PLUR Foundation

Congratulations to the PLUR Foundation for curating an idea into fruition; let that be motivation for us all.

Make sure to keep track of the PLUR Foundation‘s efforts on their social media pages and official website. We hope their message reaches people wanting to get more involved with the community and inspires them to volunteer more or even create a foundation themselves.

Thank you Johnzie and the rest of the PLUR Foundation for the motivation and all the good you do. Donations to the PLUR Foundation can be submitted by clicking here.

Follow PLUR Foundation:

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