Enter Into a Digitized World with Well Connected by Downlowd

Downlowd, an artist driven by telling a story with his music, recently came out of hiatus with his release, Well Connected. The computer-head producer implements a wild adventure from the moment you start listening.

The track is a mere introduction into Downlowds’ world as he rises into a more digitized atmosphere.

Song Cover Photo via Downlowd Facebook

This power-driven musician is in a state of industrious mode weaving his listeners into a journey emphasizing the music, technology, and animation. Downlowd is at another level determined to accomplish more than conveying music or performances that has proven to also be astonishing.

He strives to deliver a story and a musical experience that is unforgettable to the ears.

Photo Credit via Downlowd Facebook

Words from Downlowd:

“This is my first release coming back from hiatus, and it’s the first time people are really getting the opportunity to connect with the story of the brand apart from just me as a DJ, which is super exciting and paramount in today’s entertainment environment.”

Well Connected has left an imprint for those who enjoy the digital sounds in the electronic dance music scene. The impact with this release has us craving for more. The addicting sound he has mastered activates fans to look forward to what is to come.

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