Eluozo Progresses the Nigerian Electronic Music Scene with Main Stage Anthem, ‘Fly Away’

The contemporary RnB singer-songwriter from Nigerian, Eluozo, is ramping up his music production beyond afro pop and afro beats, into a main stage anthem for his dance music reprise of, ‘Fly Away’ via 3 Shots Productions. Eluozo plays the keys and echos the voice of Nigeria for his songs. His debut composition, ‘One in a Million’, showcased his raw talent, think Kygo classic piano set vibes.

Growing up listening to RnB and afro beats as well as undeniable country stars, Jim Reeves, Don Williams and Dolly Parton, Elouzo describes his sound as “Universal” because of the variety of genres that shape his music. Since 2020, Eluozo is now working with the indie label and production company, 3 Shots Productions, to bring his creative and artistic talents for the world to hear.

The original version of ‘Fly Away’ packs a great summer vibe playing with tropical drums and a soulful melody.  Chucking up the bass, cueing the harmonizing vocal work and timely placed massive drop, Eluozo offers us his highest energy, dance music track yet through the anthem edit.

Eluozo Anthem

While Nigeria has seen big electronic music acts come through, such as Major Lazer‘ Sound System Live in Lagos presented by Universal Nigeria the scene is largely untapped in an area where afro pop and afro beats music is more popular. Some other notable electronic music artists from Nigeria include,  Sensei Lo, Calix,  Maze x Mxtreme and Sigag Lauren, who are offering a refreshing, melodic sound with outstanding vocals.

Take a peek into the Nigerian rave scene through a recap of Major Lazer’s Sound System, brought to us by Universal Nigeria.

One of Eluozo’s most well-reserved releases yet is a collaboration with RAPPING KAT for the remix of ‘One in a Million’.

The Nigerian producer plans on releasing more music under the indie label, 3 Shots Productions, which will continue to express his diversity and charismatic artistic skill that is progressing the West African electronic music scene.

Nigerian Electronic Music Producer and DJ Eluozo

Eluozo shares on his creative process,

“It starts with a sprinkle, I trust the process, a word becomes a phrase, and then a sentence, and slowly grows into verses, chorus, refrain and the whole thing is fully formed.”

We will leave you with his fan link for free downloads to his collection and this, a resonating quote from Eluozo around his modern Christmas single, ‘It’s Christmas‘,

“I always say “there are not enough Christmas songs in the world, and there’ll never be” coz if we can learn to extend the atmosphere of love we have at Christmas all year round, half the world’s problems will be gone.”

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