Eliot Lipp pushes the boundaries of sonic exploration as a musician, producer, engineer, DJ and sound designer. He started his career bouncing from Chicago, Los Angeles and New York for more than a decade. Now, the adventurous producer has landed in the beautifully weird Austin, Texas. He spends most of his time collaborating with musicians, record labels and collectives, DJing, performing and developing in the studio.

You cannot pigeonhole Eliot to a particular niche of electronic music but he usually incorporates a good amount of hip-hop and funk influences. Throughout his career Lipp has developed a large soundscape of electronic beats and soulful samples while crafting a unique style. 

Eliot Lipp designed a liquidity electro funk EP, ‘Come to Life’.

Eliot Lipp ‘Come To Life’ EP

Each track within this EP has its own nature and contributes to the story the entire EP tells. Allow funkadelic and wicked sampling guide you along this strange journey of ‘Come To Life’. Listen for how each track comes to life.

We selected three wildly satisfying electro funk tracks off ‘Come to Life’ for you to absorb.

Listen to ‘In’ by Eliot Lipp below: 

Listen to ‘Til The End’ by Eliot Lipp below: 

Listen to ‘Drunk Walk’ by Eliot Lipp below: 

Take a listen to the entire ‘Come to Life’ EP by clicking here. You will be able to find Eliot Lipp at Red Rocks this year opening for Papadosio on May 6th.

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