Trent Shamaley aka DOWNLOWD is an electro house producer and DJ who released some more intriguing news in debut of his new EP Origins out now. The computer-head artist will be issuing a six-page comic book coinciding with his multi-dimensional universe character, DOWNLOWD. In addition, an official music video of “Well Connected” will be premiering giving us a closer look into his riveting world. As a character-driven artist, he aims to deliver a musical experience implementing technology, animation, and music for his audience on top of conveying industrious content and sets.

DOWNLOWD is someone who takes the definition of an electronic artist to the next level.

EP Origins Cover Photo Via DOWNLOWD

Every track of Origins breaks down the thrilling adventures of DOWNLOWD. The first part of the story has been told already with ”Well Connected” when noting his transition from a man to the computer-head hero. Suddenly, the suspenseful battles over the tech entities that convert him into a slave-“Unplugged,” and the escape into the cyber labyrinth of the Computerhead Genesis facility- “Enter The Maze”.

The final three tracks will complete the story like “Gone”, a seductive house track featuring the producers’ own vocals and Danish artist Faunea. Lastly, concluding the EP with two electro-bass tracks, “In The Dark” and “Die!” His new comic book Jailbreak set to be out in May, provides a multi-universe visualization of his suspenseful journey.

Listen to DOWNLOWD’s Origins EP:

Words by DOWNLOWD on Origins:

The latter of my EP ‘ORIGINS’ are all new tracks that explore new characters and events Downlowd faces on his adventure in search of home. The first half (three tracks) explore Downlowd’s conversion to computerhead and escape from his captors, while the second half delves into his journey home. I don’t want to spoil anything, because there will be story included with the release, but expect some twists.

DOWNLOWD has been keeping rather busy providing a sneak peek of what’s to come with his new EP. He recently opened up for FEED ME at the #2 EDM club in the US per ‘Top 100 clubs’ on DJ Mag, Exchange LA. In the same weekend of SWSW Music Festival, DOWNLOWD performed at notable clubs and venues leaving an imprint like at The Nook and Volcan Gas Co.

DOWNLOWD at Exchange LA via Facebook

He spoils fans by also announcing his official music video for “Well Connected”. The same team who has worked with top-tier artists like Gareth Emery are collaborating with DOWNLOWD to release an artistry video. This track was a mere introduction to his digitized world when his character embarked on his wild adventures. So be on the major lookout for this visually orgiastic music video to come out in May. Don’t miss your chance to see him play at his upcoming official EP release party in Los Angeles, The Bardot next month.

Listen to and download for free ‘Unplugged’:

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