EDC Las Vegas 2021 Survival Guide: Fall Edition

The 25th edition of EDC is this weekend, the pre-rave feels are well alive.  Whether it will be your first, 5th, or 25th EDC, or even your first festival, we have put together a deep dive survival guide for all interested in this special event.  A few things will be different this year, its gonna get chilly with temps in the low 50’s as well as being the biggest festival in years, there’s a lot to look forward to as we return to the Electric Sky. 

Pro tip number one, remember, EDC is a marathon, not a sprint.  Take naps, moderation is key, eat timely and download the EDC Las Vegas 2021 App (Apple Store, Google Play) to stay apprised to any changes, announcements, secrets and set times. Then be sure to scope the EDC Las Vegas Week schedule, if you have some conflicts of sets at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway then maybe there is hope you can catch it on the strip.  Also, remember the power of positive thinking, the more good vibes you radiate the more magic will come your way.  

Credit: Insomniac Events

Essential packing list for EDC Las Vegas 2021 

This year is set to be one of the colder EDC Las Vegas years to date, so be sure to prepare for the low night time temperatures. Here is a list of essential fit pieces to keep you warm and stylish, while Las Vegas rave clothing stores like LUX RAVE or The Drop Culture Shop and party brands like I Heart Raves are always a reliable source for fresh treads. 

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Thermal compression pants/leggings – These will be an added measure to keep you warm in a very seamless way, great for layering.

Light Up Jackets – These trendy pieces are in style and are a real crowd pleaser. They come in many styles, shapes and sizes.

Packable Jackets – These pieces are for those no-compromise fits. Packable jackets wont disturb your fit when not on and can even pack up to fit into backpacks.

Winter Gloves – These packable essentials are great for keeping your hands warm with touch screen friendly options available. 

Platform boots – These are an essential to any rave wardrobe! They provide ankle support, warmth, added ferocity to any fit, and as an added bonus, give you height to see further into the stage!

Thermal Socks – There’s hardly anything worse than cold feet, with these, you’ll dance the night away comfortably, they even add extra cushioning for the long nights.

Statement Jackets and All Over Print Joggers – These outfit pieces are the way to go for both men and women! they’ll help you stand out and keep cozy.

Hand Warmers – Whether you get single use or rechargeable, these are compact and help in a pinch! some even double as power banks.

Pashminas – Pashminas are wardrobe stapes for all! They keep the sun off your face and can help keep you warm. With many styles to choose from, there’s always a pash to go with your fit.

Cred. Insomniac

For the Camp Site:

Bring something to share: Be a good neighbor, look to make someone’s day and reinforce people’s faith in humanity by bringing something small or big to share.  (Burgers. hot dogs, pickles, face paint…). 

Swimwear and Board Shorts – Camp EDC’s Mesa features multiple pools to keep cool right by the campsite stage!

Sunscreen – The desert sun is no joke, with sunscreen, you can reap the benefits of UV protection!

Fanny Pack: Carry an endless supply of rave goodies while stay highly fashionable. 

Baby Wipes – These are essential in keeping you feeling fresh when there is no time for a shower because you just woke up from a nap and Excision is on. 

Shower:  Never underestimate the power of a shower on day 3.  You can make your own camp shower or pay the toll for on-site showers. 

Air mattress or yoga mat:  You may not get a lot of hours of sleep, but its about quality not quantity.  Epic Rave Shop offers a great selection of yoga mats. 

Sunglasses – These help keep the sun out of your eyes and keep you looking fly. You can never go wrong with a worry-free cheap and weird looking pair.

Gen Z Hydration Pack: The RaveRunner by GenZ is a revolutionary new pack combining a variety of unique features that solve a multitude of problems within the outdoor gear industry, including theft protection and faster refill access. 

For a complete list of essentials, prohibited items, and more on Camp EDC, check out Insomniac’s official Camp EDC Guidelines.

Credit: Insomniac

Totem guide

One essential for any squad is a good totem. You can approach totems in a variety of ways, ranging from flags to home made light up statement totems. Totems are a great way to see the squad in recap photos and act as a beacon for lost members. A good collapsible flagpole and flag is an affordable and easy way to stand out from the crowd Better yet, you can even get car/tire mounts to mark your campsite from afar! Just be sure to cut open a pool noodle and wrap it around the pole to protect your vehicle.

For a custom fix, we recommend making your own totem! This easy DIY can be done in 3 easy steps! all you need is a telescoping pole, a graphic (photoshop can help make yours unique) printed out at your local place to print posters, such as Office Max that would then be glued on cardboard, and finally, you can light it up with LED lights to make it super visible! Here‘s a more detailed guide. Please note, NO POTTY MOUTH, totems promoting illegal activity or hate speech will not be permitted.

Most importantly, do your research on the styles and essentials that would suit your needs best! Here is Insomniac’s official Headliner’s Handbook. Stay tuned for more exciting EDC Las Vegas 2021 details and announcements at ElectricDaisyCarnival.com. Follow EDC Las Vegas on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram


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