DROELOE Hosts Pop-Up Art Gallery to Launch New EP, A Promise is Made

DROELOE’s third EP A Promise is Made has arrived and it just may be their best one yet. Released through San Holo’s production imprint, bitbird, the 10- song collection captures an atmospheric concept with breathtaking melodies and a trembling percussion. Each song from the EP reveals a thought-provoking story that is paired with an individual cover piece, solidifying each message. 

DROELOE A Promise is Made

Listen to DROELOE`s A Promise is Made:

Between the stunning visual and the refreshing soundscape, it’s hard to walk away from this EP without a resonating feeling.

I had the chance to check out bitbird and DROELOE’s pop up art gallery  in Los Angeles before they took it over to Amsterdam. The pop-up was an audio and visual experience for the new release: A Promise is Made. Upon entering the gallery you were advised to scan your phone on the QR code underneath the art piece. It then took you to Soundcloud where you could privately stream the EP through your headphones. The intention was to listen to each song while observing each print and reading the song’s meaning that was beneath the cover piece.

Photo taken at pop- up art gallery entrance
“Moments passed, decisions were made, and all these choices started hinting in a certain direction, like the fade in of a forest trail. We can only hope and guess where it will take us, not knowing can be terrifying at times. But as long as the choices that have led us here still feel good, I will keep walking forward, that is a promise,” DROELOE
photo credit DROELOE

A Promise is Made follows frequent themes of feeling lost, isolation, reflection, and perseverance.

The EP’s opener, “Oath” says: “Hereby, I choose to go after my dreams, forever will I grow.” Just as the lyrics suggest, the song is a promise to follow your heart. As the record continues, the tracks uncover the many distractions that is preventing you to do so. “Written Maze” is a depiction of getting lost in countless tasks and events that we end up drifting into. But who is it all really for? The accompanying visual is a library with an endless amount of books. As we fall into the chaos and everyone else’s story, when do we decide to write our own?

‘Written Maze’ artwork by DROELOE via Facebook

The EP closes out with the inspiring “Push Through”. Despite hardships, stress and sometimes what feels like this ongoing battle, you can either fix it on your own, or accept it and let go. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t feel your best during that period because you’re still persevering to move on to a better place. Stream the A Promise is Made now and see where it takes you. 

‘Push Through’ artwork by DROELOE via Facebook

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