Does the New Skrillex and Jauz Track Live Up to Its Hype?

Does the New Skrillex and Jauz Track Live Up to Its Hype?
Skrillex and Jauz ft. Fatman Scoop – Squad Out! [Free Download]
Skrillex and Jauz teamed up with Fatman Scoop and Adult Swim to drop some free tunes for your music-loving soul.

With an incendiary tempo, “Squad Out!” begins with a fervor as heated percussion drives the beat. Quickly driving toward the first peak, “Squad Out!” pummels listeners into a frenzy-induced oblivion.

With “Squad Out!’s” incredibly hype sound, Skrillex and Jauz have the intensity-level covered in spades, but something seems to be missing from the overall production. The track never really connects on the level that’s anticipated from such a high-profile release.

Overall, it’s not what we expected to hear from the all-star collaborators, but expectations can run high when talking about world-class artists like Skrillex and Jauz. Regardless, we’d love to hear something else from the pair coming down the pipeline to see how they’ve further refined their collaborative sound.

Listen to Skrillex and Jauz’ interesting collaboration, “Squad Out!”, and grab the free download below.

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