Watch Worlds Collide in Skrillex’s Interview with Katie Couric [Video]

Watch Worlds Collide in Skrillex's Interview with Katie Couric [Video]
Sony Moore. Photo – Skrillex – Facebook.
Recently, worlds collided when news anchor Katie Couric interviewed international superstar and EDM icon Sonny Moore, otherwise known as Skrillex. In a more than interesting conversation, Couric and Moore touch on everything from being homeschooled at an early age to touring at age 16, drugs in the EDM scene, making music, and more.

Although the entire interview is stellar, the biggest highlight may just be when Skrillex and Couric team up to record over one of Moore’s tracks.

Yes, we’re not joking, you can hear Katie Couric throwing down vocals over a Skrillex beat.

If there’s one reason to watch the interview, this may be it.

All in all, Couric and Moore’s interview sheds an interesting light on the life and world of the internationally known electronic music megalith. With a deep line of questioning that hits home on multiple levels, one really gets to learn more about what propels Moore to do what he does day after day. Truthfully, it all comes down to the music.

Watch Katie Couric’s full interview with Sonny Moore below.

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