Dirtyphonics ft. Matt Rose – Since You’ve Been Gone

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Dirtyphonics – Write Your Future EP

The musical group Dirtyphonics released their new EP Write Your Future under the Dim Mak label on February 17 and the entire album is absolutely incredible from start to finish.

The Parisian group does an amazing job of blending sounds from different EDM sub-genres, creating a crisp and unique sound.

They have mastered the art of making music in general, but when it comes to drum and bass, they do it flawlessly.

Dirtyphonics combines the old school with the new, and every beat is placed with precision.

Their performances have become known for packing out dance floors across the planet and creating chaos with their music through their ability to properly demonstrate the effective use of heavy bass.

dirtyphonics since you've been gone
Dirtyphonics ft. Matt Rose – Since You’ve Been Gone

While combining sounds from drum and bass, electro, dubstep, heavy metal, and trap music throughout the various songs on Write Your Future; one of the songs off of the EP, “Since You’ve Been Gone” basically maintained a drum and bass sound throughout while maintaining that dance-frenzy inducing, impeccable drum and bass sound.

With a beautiful sounding lead in that tugs at an emotional level, “Since You’ve Been Gone” possesses the kind of introduction that makes people stop whatever it is they are doing and intently tune in.

The provoking vocals and piano are as captivating as can be.

After the initial emotions flare from within, they hit the listener with an elite compilation of drum and bass, creating a rhythm throughout that intertwines the sound consistently throughout the track.

Dirtyphonics manage to steer clear of redundancy by constantly changing the beats. Every aspect of “Since You’ve Been Gone” is in perfect synchronization, creating an authentically great and totally original sound.

It is an extraordinary track that will omit musical bliss from whatever speaker it is pulsating through.

Listen to “Since You’ve Been Gone” by Dirtyphonics below.

photo credit: Dirty Phonics @ The Aragon, Chicago 4/18/2014 via photopin (license)

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