Dez Collaborates with American Idol for Future Bass Fusion, ‘Low on Love’

Boosting off his well received debut and sophomore releases, ‘Fadeaway’ and ‘Rebirth’, Dez reaches a new level with, ‘Low on Love’. By creatively fusing the ingredients of a magical future bass single, piano ballad and main stage dance music hit, ‘Low on Love’, remarkably gives a Big Wild, Sam Smith and Martin Garrix vibe spliced into one.

Dez says, “it was a blessing to be able to work with such a talented artist like Robbie Rosen. All I wanted to do growing up was make great music and working with such a talent made new ideas just flow so well. Really proud of what we made!”

Discover Robbie Rosen’s story from his American Idol audition in 2011 that lead to him ranking 16 overall and now wisely coming over to the EDM world.

Prior to ‘Low on Love’ the other parts of Dez’s upcoming album, The World of Dez, came in the form of a happy trap inspired, ‘Fadeaway‘ featuring Merci, and his gassed up, ‘Rebirth‘, all of which showcased new production techniques and what can be done with music and technology. More tracks are yet to come to complete the album that Dez has been working up to for the past 8 years.

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