Peace, Love, Unity, Respect: What is PLUR and Where Did it Come From?

ID-1009981Within the EDM community there is a manifesto that describes the way of life and course of action for a great percentage of the EDM population. For those that have already immersed themselves within the community you already know what it is. For those that don’t, it’s a well known acronym – PLUR

Within the movement gestures are usually shared involving a hand-shake and the exchane of Kandi, beaded bracelets that often carry a message or some form of symbolism. These bracelets are handmade and usually come attached with pony tails. However it is more than just a tangible accessory or a mantra, it’s a way of life. It’s a behavior and the way you are expected to act within this movement. So what exactly does PLUR mean?

The definition of P.L.U.R within the EDM community

P – Peace

L – Love

U – Unity

R – Respect

PEACE= Hostility and anger are never the answer. This is just the EGO not having the inner peace that it requires.

LOVE= “Spreading the love”. Many times you will see EDM festival goers hugging one another. It’s just a way of sending out the love and giving back to the each other and the community.

UNITY= We are all united in one way or another. Within the EDM festivals we must all remember that. We are connected and we are all love.

RESPECT=  One must always show respect and love towards one another, as well as themselves.  It’s about taking each other feelings into account at any given moment. This goes for both their actions or lack thereof.

The day PLUR was born.

This actually started back in the late 80’s and early 90’s, right around the time raves started becoming popular in the United Kingdom and the underground movement. The music typically incorporated both house and acid house elements, slowing making it’s way from an underground movement into today’s mainstream.

Hardcore ravers that evolved with the scene will contribute credit to DJ Frankie Bones. The earliest appearance of the words strung together appeared anecdotally in his June 1993 album. It is further rumored that when a fight broke out during one of his New York sets, Bones hopped on the mic and yelled, “If you don’t start showing some peace, love, and unity, I will break your faces.”

Photo via Frankie Bones

 Becoming a true EDM festival goer

If you really wish to become a true festival and rave-goer you must first suspend some misconceptions you might have. One, it’s not about the drugs or the drama. If you are looking for that you will not find it here.  Much of the image is portrayed through sexualized images but this does not represent what the culture is about. It represents freedom of expression. It represents spreading love and positive universal vibrations.

Advice for attending your first movement

The first time around go and soak up what it’s all about and enjoy yourself.  Spend some time getting to know other festival goers. You won’t find a more positive group of people.  With PLUR and EDM you are taking in the experience, not the substance. So hold off on the recreational drugs the first time you go. While thatDROP does not condone drug use, we understand that you may choose that option. Should you decide to experiment with various substances you can always look to DanceSafe. They are an organization designed to promote health and safety within the EDM community. Their main focus is educating those who wish to engage in recreational drug use. They are there to help. So if there are any questions, look to them.


You are responsible for what you say and do, just like everybody else. If you take the drugs, you are ultimately responsible for what happens. So be respectful of others and yourself.  That my friends is what PLUR  and EDM is about. So get out and enjoy the music, the shows, the festivals, and all other elements included in the production. I guarantee you won’t find a more positive experience quite like it.

Heart in the sky stock photo
By Danilo Rizzuti, published on 17 November 2009 Stock Photo – image ID: 1009981

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