DanceSafe: Promoting Health and Safety in EDM

For those that are well-versed in EDM culture then you likely already know who DanceSafe is. But for those that are not, let me introduce you!

Dance Safe
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Who is DanceSafe and what do they represent for EDM?

DanceSafe is an organization all about promoting health and safety within the electronic dance music community. Now you may not think that the dance community needs to have it’s health and safety protocols, but it does.  It started in the San Francisco Bay area and it moved to areas all across North America, thanks to a guy by the name of Emanuel.

Their mission statement

The EDM community is all about providing peace, love, and unity and this organization is not any different. Within the DanceSafe mission there are two principles: harm reduction and education. Their mission statement and educational programs have helped many young kids and adults to make healthier choices and maintain a healthier lifestyle within the EDM community. Their educational programs mainly extend to drugs and – more importantly – drug misuse.  They do this all without judgment or condemnation.

Nothing but guidance and support

It’s not about judgment or condoning the drugs, it’s about knowing how to use them properly. DanceSafe is known for it’s drug testing and checking.


EDM is known for it’s bright nightlife and it’s music. It’s all about the music. That’s why their mission statement is so important. Their mission statement also includes guidance and support, especially when it comes to drugs. All they want is to make sure that those who are using the drugs are making positive and correctly informed decisions. Drugs can alter the mind in many so many ways; ways that most don’t even realize.  This organization takes away all of that negativity and only provides positive reinforcement for those that choose to engage in these activities.

There are many organizations that only cater to those that are drug-dependent. DanceSafe is hoping to bridge that gap. They only work with those people that are recreational users and not dependent on any substances.  The movement is all about the music and having a good time within the EDM community, not the drugs.

Where are they located?

Photo via DanceSafe

They have chapters all throughout the United States and Canada.  The organization is actually composed of fellow ravers, people who have seen the results of misuse at the ground level. The reason being, they have a sincere interest and love for keeping everyone safe and secure. The dance community is a wonderful and positive world. But there are some that abuse the situation. Their staff works hard to make sure that doesn’t happen. Their staff is highly trained and all of the volunteers are properly acquainted with the procedures of what to do and what not to do.

If you would like to become a local volunteer you can check out the local chapters page through EDM. You can also check them out here and on Facebook.

What kind of services do they provide?

The staff booths are located anywhere there is an EDM event. If you travel to nightclubs, raves, or other festival events, you will find them. Have any questions? Go up and talk to someone there. He or she will be glad to help keep you safe and well-informed. The other services that are provided include safe driving tips and how to protect your hearing. If you are going to be using a drug such as MDMA or something else, pick up a drug kit. They sell them at every one of the festivals. It will be one more step towards positivity.  Better to be safe than sorry.

The staff:

  • Missi Wooldridge, MPH – Executive Director
  • Carissa Cornwell – National Outreach Director

The board:

  • Chalaina Connors, MA, LPC
  • Dina Perrone, PhD
  • Kim Gregory, EMT-P
  • Brian Gilbert
  • Brooke Gilbert
  • Bryan Oley

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