CVBZ Is On His Way Up With Electro Pop Gem “2 Gone”

The Oregonian, LA-based songwriter and producer CVBZ stuns us with the release of 2 Gone as a sneak peek of his forthcoming EP called River. It could be his stunning bohemian fashion style that turns heads, but it’s obvious his dance-pop tracks fusing with chill wave and R&B beats are what is catching more of the likes of fans and other artists.

‘2 Gone’ is an electro-pop infused gem piece.

Words by CVBZ on 2 Gone- “A song about the moment I realized we were over. In that moment, sitting in your car in Portland, I knew that you were nothing more than a thing of my future’s past. A good dream that you can hardly remember.”

CVBZ isn’t brand new of releasing mesmerizing tracks that become a favorite in our music player. He has left an impressionable imprint in 2017 with his debut single, Be Like You via Ultra Records, gaining over 12 million streams. On top of that, his music video also gained over 1 million views. Working with the famed Cheat Codes and Fetty Wrap, the trio curated Feels Great which earned itself a spot on the Top 40 at #26. Listen to 2 Gone below whereas it will truly get you antsy for his new 5-track EP River out on August 17th.

A perfect collection of pop and EDM that makes for a perfect summer anthem.

BONUS TRACK: ‘Feels Great’

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