CRONAM Talks Exploring Electronic Music Realms and Debut EP ‘Error Potential’

Starting out as a turntablist in the late 90ies, CRONAM’s original underground style has morphed into an amalgamation of many things as he’s progressed as a musician and forged ahead with a myriad of productions that cross the borders between Techno, IDM, DNB and Future Beats.

Currently based in Berlin – CRONAM is constantly exploring the unlimited realms of electronic music resulting in a sound that stands out from the error potential of the symbioses between him (a human artist) and the synth machines.

We met up with CRONAM and asked him our favorite questions.

What is the vision behind your music?

Creating music has always been a big part of my life. It helps me to escape time and focus on the moment where nothing else matters. It’s the expression of my conscious and unconscious thoughts and emotions which drives me to create tunes. It has a healing effect on me and I need it to sustain.

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How would you categorize your music to a new audience?

This is always a hard question. I created music from all kinds of electronic music genres and being a DJ as well I’m usually open minded. However I ended up with a style that stuck to me and can be categorized within the edges of Techno, IDM, Drum and Bass and Future Beats. I’m always drawn to a darker sound which is definitely reflected in my tunes.

What equipment do you use to create your Music?

Being a seasoned software engineer by trade I do love the interaction within complex systems. This led me to fully engage in the world of eurorack modular synthesizers. A system of modules that can be interchanged and rewired to formulate ideas and sounds.

I really love the Moog DFAM for creating drums and percussions. Another module that really stands out for me is the Polygogo from ERM which I use a lot for cineastic synth lines and atmospheres. I’m interchanging the eurorack modules a lot and love to experiment with the interaction between them.

Tell us more about your debut release Error Potential. What is the idea behind it?

The Error Potential EP consists of four tracks, namely Electric Clouds, Endless Cycles, Marching Into Dust and Electrostatic Conditions.

The inspiration for the EP originated from the idea to explore a dark and experimental sound but still be attached to IDM and Techno. The sound expresses dark emotions and deep energy generating a sound that stands out from the error potential of the symbioses between the artist and the machines. All initial ideas are created on the eurorack modular rig with patches evolving to get more and more intense over time.

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What are you currently working on? What is next for you?

I’m already working on another release where I explore the crossover between DnB and Techno further. I strongly feel drawn to experiment and I’m happy with the sound so far.

It should come out in the next few months and I’m really excited to share it with the world.

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