Critically-Acclaimed, Mako, Drops Second Studio Album, Fable, via Ultra Music

Los Angeles producer, songwriter and musician, Mako, AKA Alex Seaver, returned last week to release his second studio albumFable, via Ultra Music. Seaver took over the duo that used to feature both him and Logan Light in late 2017. This will be his first album release without his longtime friend by his side and shows a different side of Mako. Fable features 11 tracks, 5 of which have previously been dropped as singles, and the rest is new material. 

Mako Fable

In a recent interview with Prelude Press, Alex talks about what he is most excited for his fans to hear! 

“Personally, the first three tracks – Parable, Coyote, Peregrine. Without being so dramatic, I really bled over those three songs. I feel like the finished product was what I had hoped for…some material that felt so specifically ‘Alex’ and unlike anything else out there. It’s not gonna be everyone’s cup of tea, no question. But I dunno, it seriously feels like music that I would want to listen to on my own time.” 

With over 35 million plays on Spotify, “Breath“, released in late 2017, is the most popular track on the album. It was actually one of Seaver’s first tracks after going solo, and it certainly set the bar high for what was to come. Another big hit on the album is 2018’s “Murder“. This electric house track features Seaver’s fantastic vocals and proves why he is one of the few talents in the industry who can do it all.

Roller Coaster“, an ambient house mix, is one of the new releases off of the album. It also showcases the masterful deep tone of Alex’s voice exceptionally and holds true to the style we love to see in his songs. The music video came out just a few days ago.

This project has certainly been a labor of love for Alex over the last few years, and you can tell he has put his entire heart and soul into every song. The future is bright for Mako.

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