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Welcome aboard the vessel that was built to launch your music career sky high. The experienced group of like minded people and kind souls at Ghost Producers are ready to take action on your behalf to help your music career blast off. Whether you have realized it or not, top industry DJ’s are using co-producers, ghost producers and other engineers to help them in making tracks, now is your chance to take advantage of the same arsenal of talented producers as well.

The first course of action is to hire a Ghost Producer to help with your song writing process.

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With one of the diverse and accomplished, secret weapon producers, you can create an EDM track from scratch, collaborate or improve your existing track. Scroll through the producers while listening to their demos to discover someone to start working with. You will be able to find a ghost producer that is a wizard in your particular electronic music taste or even create an entirely new electronic music movement with them; whatever your heart is telling you to create. Once the track is complete, the ghost producer waives all rights to the song and remain anonymous by signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Plug into a few demos delivered by ghost producers King Of Bass, Hookahbang and Keydee.

The next step is to polish your track with blood, sweat, tears, love and vocals.

Through Ghost Producers you will find award-winning vocal producers to lay down those top-line vocals you have been looking for. Now your worries and delays around finding the perfect vocalist are over with Ghost Producers‘ strong network of multi-platinum selling songwriters. All you have to do is submit your track and within 2 weeks you will receive a demo.

If you like the demo, their team will proceed on improving it until you are satisfied. If you don’t like the demo, the songwriters and singers will make a new demo. Also, make sure to check out their selection of already available acapellas.

Once your track is shiny, take your music to the next level with Ghost Producers’ advanced management services.  

If you are asking yourself one or more of the following 7 questions, then know that Ghost Producers Management Services is there for you.

  1. How do I get on a radio?
  2. How do I play at Tomorrowland?
  3. Is it ok to sell a cover song officially?
  4. How to get my music signed?
  5. How to get my music monetized?
  6. How to start touring?
  7. Do I need a manager?

The team of professionals is happy to show you how to achieve all those milestones. With the industry constantly evolving it is vital to have a quality support team that makes sure you are up-to-par on all fronts, increasing your chances of being noticed in the highly competitive EDM scene.

Through Ghost Producers Management Services you can benefit from their arduous consulting efforts and administrative support.

The artist consulting services consist of career troubleshooting, tips and tricks, developing a growth strategy, discovering and determining your target audience, helping choose your dream-team (management, booking agent, lawyer, business manager, PR, etc.) as well as handling the copyrighting process and how to monetize your music. Request a quote for your project’s consultation.

Ghost Producers Consultant

The administration team will support your negotiations with potential partners (labels, booking agents, promoters, publishing partners, etc.), manage royalty collection and statements’ revision, music registration (author societies, publishing, neighboring rights) and business optimization as well as handle data processing (music catalogue, agreements, etc.) Request a quote for your project’s admin support.

Beyond working with producers to develop your signature sound and partnering with sound management, the Ghost Producers promotions department has the tools to get your music heard.

photo credit Spinnin’

Set your goals high, such as having your track released on Spinnin’, EMI, Sony, Armada, Anjunabeats, Be Yourself and Enhanced or sharing the stage with the likes of Calvin Harris, Axwell, Armin van Buuren and Hardwell. Since their promotion agent has reached those goals himself, he is now ready to help you with the relentless effort it takes to get there.

The Ghost Producers’ promo efforts include:

  1. Signing your track to a label
  2. Getting your track onto a radio show or playlist of a top DJ
  3. Get access to promo, DJs’ Labels, Vocalist and other media channels e-mail database
  4. Get you into the Spinnin’ Talent Pool Top 10

One last thing is left to get your music off the ground- a smart and talented graphic designer for branding.

photo credit Ghost Producers

It is important to note that there are still a large percentage of artists who don’t have a DJ logo, personal artwork or visuals. Hence, you can quickly and easily set yourself apart from the masses by creating one. Moreover, it establishes you as a professional, automatically making others take you more seriously.

By investing in the Ghost Producers’ internationally recognized Graphic Designer, you will be working with the same guy who has helped ArmadaVolac, TiestoR3HAB, EDX, AlokGoing DeeperBlasterjaxx and more. From logo design and artwork to artist and label branding, you will have tailored material to present your musical spirit. Find out more about the Graphic Designer roll by clicking here.

Ghost Producers separates themselves from their competitors by custom making and truly caring about each project they develop.

Compare Ghost Producers with other companies such as, EDM Ghost Production to get a better understanding in the quality difference. Mainly, you are not getting pre-made tracks and empty connections.

When you decide to partner up with the Ghost Producers, any question of legitimacy is gone. You will get to pick from a group of producers who’s tracks have been played at Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, EDC, Electric Zoo, Sensation, Coachella and other big festivals. Also noteworthy is that, the Ghost Producers are getting support in sets, playlists and podcasts of Martin Garrix, Armin Van Buuren, Hardwell, Tiesto, The Chainsmokers, David Guetta, Afrojack, Steve Aoki, Marshmello, Don Diablo, KSHMR, Oliver Heldens, W&W and other top DJs.

Now, get more acquainted with Ghost Producers by reviewing their website or sending them a direct message. The door for a promising music career is now open, just walk through it.

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